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Recruitment Process

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If you join us......

1、Comfortable working and living environment
Our companies provide you with comfortable working environment, has the professional quality of work colleagues, high-end customer and accumulate experience.
2、Multi-dimensional training
Our company will provide each employee with a variety of free training opportunities: pre-service training, on-the-job training, product training, management training, expand training, technical training, etc., for your career development value is infinite.
3、Career development
Our company will hold promotion activities of on the core position according to the human resources planning and long-term development goals every year,make your dreams become your reality.
Our company appraise and elect outstanding employees each year , and organize the annual excellent employee to travel.

Welfare Treatment

1、Basic salary + performance salary + other bonus, salary negotiable.
2、Our company provide free accommodation, there are staff canteen, company staff from other city have 1-2 times holiday every year.
3、Our company has a clear plan for each department and personnel training plan, every year, according to the company's human resources planning ,our company will provide each employee with the appropriate promotion platform.
4、Our company will participate in large refrigeration equipment products exhibition at home and abroad each year, according to the actual circumstance of each department, company will arrange related personnel to the exhibition site for technical communication and learning.
5、Our company will choose technical personnel who have the development potential to Japan and other countries to study.

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