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After-sale Service
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After-sales service

Our company based on yantai,service for the world , after many years experience of hard work and management , our company is changed from the sales extended to the network today, we have established a comprehensive after-sales service network, provide high quality services for many of refrigeration equipment users .We can ensure that every corner of the customer can get the quickest, most effective and highest quality of service. Our company has the abundant talent and technology advantages, including senior title of professional research and development personnel 5 people, intermediate title 120 people, our company is engaged in the research and design of refrigeration equipment, mainly engaged in national defense, chemical industry, animal husbandry, fisheries aquaculture, food, fruit and vegetable processing industries etc.Our company also actively collect information and related data of refrigeration industry at home and abroad,grasp market trends, to carry out technological innovation, high technical content of products, improve the core competitive capacity of enterprises, to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise, to ensure that every customer of our company can get the most professional service, we value the user to our every opportunity, to provide users with pre-sale, sale and after-sale full professional and personalized service.We are willing to long-term cooperation with customer.

一、After-sales service includes the following
1、 Technical consulting service
We will provide lifelong technical advisory services to clients.The content of the technical advisory services includes new product and new technology, technology development, system improvement, provide technical solution, long-term planning, research to solve technical problems, etc.
2、 Help service hotline
Our company will provide hotline help service for the customer.Customers can get help through hotline service, including troubleshooting, fault location, troubleshooting, etc.If the user equipment have problem , you only need a phone call, our specialized after-sale service personnel to solve the problem for you in time;If you need to handle failure on your site, our after-sales service staff will be on the scene in the shortest possible time, failure in addition to the personnel evacuation, do our best to save a lot of problems for customers.Company's hotline staff will record all the call into the computer, and carries on the statistical classification, the company regularly pay a return visit to the customer, learn the user's device usage in a timely manner.
3、After-sales service work report
Company will be submitted to the customer's project manager on a regular basis after-sales service work report, the failure and the user of each system question classification, for frequent and universal key to solve problems in a timely manner.

二、System error process
The secondary service security system provided by the company:
Our company has office service center.we have equipment commonly used spare parts warehouse and service person,User phone and fax notice immediately respond, after 24 hours to solve the problem at the site.
Fault generally in accordance with the order of the first in, first processing for processing, but the serious problem must be priority.Serious level by problems affect the end user equipment operation decision.
1、Level of severity (urgent) - devices cannot run, need to be solved at once.
2、Secondary severity (serious) - key function of equipment cannot run, need to solve immediately.
3、 Third levels of severity (restrictive) - some function can't run of the equipment, make the function of the customer is restricted and weaken, need to be solved as soon as possible.
4、Four levels of severity (slight) - the function of the equipment basic normal, but some aspects of slight error , the user's operation is not affected, should be resolved in a timely manner.

When occurrence problem of equipment, the user first to record the relevant information, and then by phone, fax or email to inform me of the hotline support service personnel.They help to solve the problem in by telephone, fax, at the same time will be informed by E-mail related departments and technical personnel to be prepared for the subsequent, once the above method cannot solve the problem, will be in accordance with the scheduled program into the fault recognition, fault location, troubleshooting.

The secondary is maintenance technicians and engineers of our company provide users with equipment error diagnosis analysis and maintenance advice.If our maintenance personnel at the grass-roots level can not solve the problem,after the headquarters maintenance technicians and engineers get the information in a timely manner,they will solve the problem.Combined with a variety of products sales network and the subsidiaries of effective support, our company will ensure that corresponding responsibilities and obligations according to the contract, for the customer provides the omni-directional, the whole process of technology and service, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the equipment for a long time, our company will provide users with the following services:
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After-sales service
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