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Enterprise Culture
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Create value for customers, society and the country

Company values

Energy saving, Environmental protection, Science and technology, long life time, stronger and bigger

Company goal

Company spirit

Innovation, win to win, people-oriented Adhering business philosophy of "innovation,
win to win, people-oriented" in terms of technology
and management to reform and innovation
for the purpose constantly go beyond, constantly
improve the world without end, strengthen cooperation;
on the other hand, expand the sales idea and
operation strategy, to achieve a win-win situation;
people-oriented management, initiative, inspire and mobilize the
enthusiasm of the staff, creative.

behavior norms

· Law-abiding, dedication, wholehearted devotion to public duty
· Maintain the reputation of the company, Protect the benefit of the company
· Obey the leadership, care for subordinates, solidarity and mutual assistance
· Take good care of public property, save expenses, eliminate waste
· Study hard, improve skill, be proficiency in business
· Active and enterprising, innovation and contribution
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